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Talent Ticker receive two industry awards from SaaS and B2B software review site FinancesOnline

Talent Ticker Earns HR Software Quality Certificates from Notable Directory for Business Software.

Talent Ticker is humbled to announce that we have concluded a fruitful 2018 with two industry awards from SaaS and B2B software review site FinancesOnline! These two recognitions affirm that our smart talent recruitment platform is effective in helping users improve their staffing operations.

FinancesOnline commended Talent Ticker’s overall design by conferring us with the Premium Usability award for 2018, which is given to software systems that deliver an unparalleled user experience due to its intuitive interface.

As detailed in their Talent Ticker overview, the FinancesOnline experts noted that our talent recruitment software allows users to make data-driven hiring decisions. Additionally, users can pinpoint “the best and most qualified talents in the right places” thanks to its AI and smart algorithms.

Talent Ticker is also considered by FinancesOnline as one of the top HR software systems for providing users with a “distinct advantage” over their competitors, specifically for identifying the candidate needs of each company for future hiring reference. After conducting its comprehensive talent management software research on Talent Ticker, FinancesOnline said our platform makes it possible for users to create compelling, detailed data-filled presentations and projections on how specific recruitment efforts can help meet certain business goals.

Thanks again to FinancesOnline for honoring our achievements this 2018. We can’t wait to deliver our clients with more advanced technologies to enhance your staffing efficiencies while maintaining a low HR software cost this 2019 and beyond. If you have something to add to FinancesOnline’s write-up, feel free to post your own quality user review on their website.

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Happy New Year!

January is an incredible month for the staffing industry. It’s the month that Google reports it’s highest search trend for job related enquiries and job boards report the highest job search activity.

Anyone working within the staffing industry will notice just how busy January can be. It’s important to be aware of the busy months, as these can be the best time to find the usually passive, but now open-to-new opportunities candidates – a figure that has been suggested to be over 85% of the market. If you are looking to hire top talent then knowing the best months to do so can be really important as it lends you to a larger talent pool to fish from, often meaning a higher quality of candidate.

Why January?

January is the golden month for staffing. Professional people, like you and me, often come back after the holiday season either motivated to work hard and succeed within their current job, or motivated to look elsewhere and move jobs. Unlike any other time of the year a huge number of us will set New Years revolutions, and often career goals, including moving jobs or promotions, are at the top of that list. This means that people are willing to take your calls, and more likely to move jobs.

In addition to this, companies are hiring not only to backfill but the New Year can also mean new budgets and access to funds that were not previously there, this makes it a busy time of year for people working within the staffing industry and an opportune moment.

How can Talent Ticker help?

Hiring and firing updates are presented with the contact details and roles. We have 3 top tips this January:

  1. Using Talent Ticker to view open vacancies by type or company
  2. Use Talent Ticker to uncover latest market predictions or trends
  3. Save your searches to receive highlights straight into your inbox

You can sign up to Talent Ticker here.

We’ve got resolutions:

It’s 2019 and just like you we’ve got New Year resolutions!!

Our ambitious plans over the next 12 months are crucial to the success of Talent Ticker, and our success is linked to you! We want you to be more successful than last year and we believe Talent Ticker can help you achieve that success.

Our resolutions:

  1. Revolutionise how staffing industry interprets market news to inform better decisions
  2. To enable the staffing and recruitment industry to build stronger and more mutually beneficial relationships through smarter use of data
  3. Improve how user friendly Talent Ticker is – making it easier for you to use and get results
  4. To provide tech to save time and increase productivity within the staffing industry
  5. Talent Ticker to help you become more efficient to achieve your financial goals in 2019

We’re ready to help you achieve your goals this 2019. ARE YOU? Sign up to Talent Ticker today! Visit https://beta.talentticker.ai/signup.

Any questions or if you’d like to speak with the team about getting your company set up then contact Niomi in our Marketing and Customer team on [email protected].

Staffing trends in 2019

It’s time Talent Ticker get our crystal ball out with our predictions of the biggest trends to affect the staffing and recruitment industry in 2019.

1. Emphasis on being specialist and being knowledgeable

This week I asked someone outside of the staffing and recruitment industry why they speak to recruiters and the answer was ‘market intel and updates’. Recruiters often undervalue the level of knowledge they possess in regards to the market they work in, despite being a fountain of knowledge and knowing quite a lot. Through working with, and speaking to many successful clients and candidates each day, it’s impossible not to absorb some of the wisdom and have a good understanding of the market you work in.

In 2019 arise the true specialists, the role of a recruiter is becoming more of a consultancy approach and you are now expected to advise, share knowledge and partner with clients on larger projects or with a candidate to find their dream job.

Top Tip for 2019: Create a LinkedIn post with a market trend/ or update each week, writing along side your analysis and posing a question to the market. You could also start asking more questions on the phone and then say ‘One client I spoke with thought x,y and z…’ it shows you value their opinion and are genuinely interested in a subject that they are focussed on.

2. Big data analysis

Like every industry recruitment is becoming more and more data lead. Whilst the essentials of a recruitment job requires face to face interaction, the ongoing technological advancements mean that it’s a numbers profession now too with data impacting how companies hire new talent.
Data can provide businesses with insights that help recruiters and HR managers make better more strategic hiring decisions, that means in 2019 recruiters should look to add/create intelligence strategies that makes use of data to help clients make better decisions. This can include data to help companies find, nurture, manage and hire top talent.

There is an abundance of data which can be analysed and used to benefit the hiring process. For example, you can see email open rates of an email campaign- if someone opened an email 6 times then perhaps it’s a good time to drop them a call, OR using web traffic to identify target audiences and using that data to increase your audience.

Top Tip for 2019: Create a plan on how you are going to use data to improve your service and create an intelligent strategy that satisfies a client and candidates needs highlighting a more digital candidate attraction strategy and using data to report on competitors.

3. Automation

In 2019 automation will continue to play a large part in making companies more efficient. More automation will mean the same recruiter will be able to do more, in less time, whilst improving productivity and billings. Automation can add value in many different ways, such as automating many of the admin side of a recruiters job, pre-written emails, self-selecting CV’s/ candidate matching, meaning you can focus where it counts – building relationships and billing.

Top Tip for 2019: Look for new technologies such as Talent Ticker that can help automate some of the more mondaying tasks like trawling the news or LinkedIn for updates. Nominate a technology ambassador and get them to carry out a bit of research into technologies available – there are loads that are free. Sign up to TT today: beta.talentticker.ai

4. AI

AI continues to be a dominant theme in recruiter into 2019 as it brings with it efficiencies and better understanding for businesses
AI is a technology that will impact nearly every market, however right now in the recruitment industry we are assessing how important a role it could play. AI can, and will, impact your business and in 2019 it will continue to take a strong foothold within the staffing industry. The news earlier this year about Amazons AI in hiring fail is one example of a company looking to develop an AI to work for hiring and this will have further impacts on the recruitment market. However, not one to be scared about AI (as proven by Amazon) AI cannot judge a person based on culture or assess the likelihood of someone liking the job as emotions cannot be understood, yet(!).

Read more about AI in Recruitment here. At Talent Ticker we are building our own ‘brain’ this brain is the machine learning element of Talent Ticker and this, like a real person, learns as you give it additional data.

Top Tip for 2019: Look for new technologies such as Talent Ticker is one way in which you can use AI to provide staffing intelligence to make smarter decisions. Nominate a technology ambassador and assign them a research task for the technologies available – lots for free. Sign up to TT today: beta.talentticker.ai

Have you got something to add?

Send an email to [email protected] with your addition and we will be more than happy to add it a site you as the reference.

It’s the most wonderful time (to do BD) of the YEARRRRR!

Everyone’s busy during the evenings and reluctant to skip an Xmas party for an interview. December is traditionally not the best month for recruitment however, whilst Christmas may not be a great time for interviews, it’s a brilliant time to get to know your clients and build stronger relationships come the January job hunt rush. Here are our tips to build better client relationships this December:

1. Show you’re an expert and be relevant

Use Talent Ticker to search for news on a company before you next interact with them. You can see what’s going on and then look proactive when chatting to your contact as a ice breaker for your next meeting. ‘I saw you’ve recently hired a new XXX, how are they settling in? What’s the plan for that division?’ etc… Or if you know they’ve got a competitor you can say ‘I saw XXX your competitor hired a XXX person, clearly XXX is an important area for them at the moment, is it for you?’

2. Call clients

A USP of Talent Ticker is that it gives you the hiring manager and/or the HR managers details on every article. There is no excuse not to call or drop them a friendly email, it’s Christmas after all and it’s usually a good time to have a chat to catchup on a successful year.

3. Set up meetings with clients

Assess how well you’ve done over the last year and present it to key clients you’d like to work more closely with next year. Look at how many people you’ve placed and talk about the success of those candidates with a view to work more closely with them next year. If, for some reason, it hasn’t been successful, then this is your time to talk through a better strategy for the next year, including feedback from candidates who dropped out – give the company constructive feedback to encourage a better partnership in the future.

4. Wish them a Merry Christmas

How many clients do you have on your BD list? If it’s less than 30 then there is no reason why you shouldn’t write everyone a personal email thanking them for an excellent year and telling them that you’re looking forward to working together again next year. I’d include whole departments, and don’t forget candidates. Make sure you are emailing the candidates you’ve placed this year too – a quick catch up and friendly email could mean you’ll be more likely to hear from them in their next search – whether that’s for a candidate or as a client.

5. Get ready for January job hunt craziness

As it gets quieter towards the end of the month or even over the Christmas period, this side of the year is a great time to get yourself ready for the ‘New Year, New me’ job hunters!! Speak to clients and get a good idea of job roles, write specs and get yourself organized. You could even write a blog or send out a mailshot to potential clients/candidates reminding them you’re here to help them with their job/candidate search. Soft approached like this can be extremely helpful to people who want to discuss options but might not know who to call – email, text or find them on LinkedIn people often like to use someone they are familiar with so remind them you’re here to help and why you’re the best!!
For more information on Talent Ticker you can visit www.talentticker.ai or sign up to the technology here: beta.talentticker.ai

3 BIG things recruiters should be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

Traditionally an American holiday, this thanksgiving, we wanted to give a nod to our American friends and wish them the very best over the thanksgiving weekend. We also wanted to bring the idea of thanksgiving to the UK as there are some things that are worthwhile to be thankful for as a recruiter…

1. Working with a variety of people

I know we all complain about the people around us, our clients, candidates and even our families and friends, but in recruitment you are extremely lucky to work with people from all walks of life. Within the space of an hour you can speak with such a variety of people and this means that not only can you learn vast amounts of information from them, but you also begin to understand more about different cultures, different motivations, and drivers behind why someone will want to move jobs. People move jobs for a variety of reasons, money usually comes into it but often there will be an interesting story behind the decision. Speaking to many different people can break up the day and you can start to for great partnerships, and sometimes even friendships, with candidates and clients. This adds variety to the job, and after all variety is the spice of life!

It’s also worthwhile mentioning your colleagues. Are they a fun bunch? Often in a recruitment office you’ll be working in a fun sales environment alongside a friendly and sociable team of people who will always be up for a laugh.

2. Technology

Be thankful for technology this Thanksgiving. Technology is becoming more important than ever in recruitment as Recruitment Software and RecTech becoming popular among many recruitment companies looking to gain a competitive advantage. The benefits of technology are the same in any industry, technology will reduce recruitment inefficiencies enabling recruiters to work smarter and make more placements. Talent Ticker can save recruiters time, and help recruiters make better decisions, reducing the time it takes to make a placement, plus, you’ll be increasing the quality of a phone call as you’re better informed on what’s going on in your market. Sign up today, it’s FREE! beta.talentticker.ai

3. Trust in recruitment is high

Yes, if you haven’t heard it before the general public (non-recruiters) trust recruiters. According to a recent feefo report – 92% of respondents who had used a recruitment agency or were willing to, said they trusted the agencies. In the UK recruitment is a very sophisticated market, it’s mature and a career in recruitment is extremely common. Some of the top recruiters in the world have come from London so it’s no surprise that trust is higher than ever and this is a very exciting prospect as it proves recruitment is becoming better and he overall standards are increasing. We forget the life changing move recruiters help people make, supporting clients/candidates through the process and landing someone that dream job.

Thumbs up recruiters, here’s to you this thanksgiving!

The Talent Ticker Scoring System

77/100 , 43/100…. But what does it mean?

When initially looking into our market fit for Talent Ticker we envisioned our tech to be the ‘Bloomberg of recruitment’, market intelligence for hiring. Similar to stocks and shares rising and falling, our technology analyses the staffing market, looking at how latest news is likely to impact recruitment with a handy score. The Talent Ticker score is a measure of how ‘hot’ an opportunity is within your chosen market.

How does it work?

Following a change within an organisation, Talent Ticker will assess whether this activity will have an impact on the recruitment within said company. For example, how likely the company is to hire new people or fire, downsize/relocate, based on this information. This is calculated by our AI which analyses market moves, placements and recruitment trends, using this to generate a percentage score that tells you how large the opportunity is.

For example, if a company closes a major funding round and expects to hire across a large number of roles, it would generate a high score. Whereas a small or uncertain change, such as a minor promotion within an organisation, may generate a lower score. However, these lower scores are still measures out of 100 and can always result in a hire – and you could be the one to fill it.

Talent Ticker gives you projected & live vacancies that will contain the hiring manager’s name & contact details allowing you can pull exclusive jobs and only deal with clients you know are hiring. We believe through this scoring system you’ll be able to form better, stronger and more collaborative client relationships.

As mentioned earlier Talent Ticker also displays ‘downsizing/firing’ market intelligence that outlines new candidate pools that are not yet on any of the job boards, so that you can connect with those candidates and place them against your live roles.

IN SUMMARY… The scores on Talent Ticker let you know which companies are ‘hot’ in your market and where is best to find leads and candidates. Remember – each article on Talent Ticker is verified by our QA team, so even lower scoring articles have the potential to make you money within your market! Happy Ticking!

Are You Busy Being Unproductive?

The importance of being productive in a competitive world: A recruiters guide to productivity

Most people will tell you they are busy, if you ask someone how work is going the chances are they’ll respond with ‘Yes, good thanks busy as usual’, but what actually are they achieving in terms of outputs? Being busy and being productive aren’t the same thing… although it may feel that way.

Successful people and unsuccessful people have the same hours in a day, we all have twenty four, the difference is the way we use the time. Using your time ‘well’ means you are productive and complete a lot of tasks, using your time badly and you’ll often be unproductive.

Here’s a great article from our CEO, Nick Vaughan called ‘Time is Money’, on how to make more of both.

Being productive in business is linked to success, the higher your outputs the more you achieve. As a recruitment consultant being deemed productive is often reflected in a good week of activity: CV’s sent, interviews booked, meetings attended and placements made. As a newbie in recruitment (or a newbie at anything) you are extremely busy learning and will have lower outputs during this initial stage of your development. Being productive and using your time wisely is the holy grail for anyone with high outputs and KPI’s are a good way of monitoring performance, however these differ on many factors, such as market size, location etc.

If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it – or so the old saying goes. You are more productive when you are busy, as it forces you to prioritise to accomplish tasks quicker and more efficiently. A McKinsey Global Institute study found that 61% of our time is spent managing work and the other 39% of our time actually doing it so a lot of time is wasted as a recruiter, time that could be spent on other money making tasks.

With such a varied job most recruiters would agree, there is lots to do, all the time.

With multiple tasks on at any one point it’s key that you focus and create a good plan to ensure you are being productive and getting the most out of your day. Recruitment can be inefficient, it’s difficult not to be when so much of the job is spent researching, calling, headhunting and trawling through job boards, creating LinkedIn projects etc. Then when the day is done you are juggling a social/home life…… exhausting! The life of a recruiter is a busy one therefore by being more productive at work, and getting more done during the day can give you back valuable time to prevent you from burning out.

Being productive is a skill many of us want to master. True productivity is build on, like many things, being organised and hardworking. Make positive changes to your productivity and you’ll reap the benefits. Plan your week in advance and find out what is expected of you, can you do more? Being a recruiter is stressful, there’s a reason staff turnover can be high- it’s a very tough job. However, you can be extremely successful as a recruiter with little or no experience, making more money than your friends in other, more traditional, professional jobs.

Ask yourself what tasks take you the longest time to do? Where can you save time? The Talent Ticker technology can help you save time when doing business development and also help you find new candidate pools.

Try it for free today at beta.talentticker.ai.

8 Talent Ticker Official launch stats

Since our launch just 2 weeks ago the team at Talent Ticker have been extremely busy partnering with some excellent tech savvy businesses and on-boarding many brilliant new members onto the platform.

We’ve had some great feedback along the lines of ‘This is awesome’, ‘I’ve won business already’ and many more positive experiences. We want Talent Ticker to add value to your organisation and be an extremely reliable and reputable source for recruitment market intelligence.

As it’s been 10 working days since the official launch we wanted to share some of the exciting stats from our first 2 weeks of business.

274 NEW Members Signed Up

We welcomed nearly 300 new users during our first 2 weeks. These are our early adopters, who now make up the Ticker Founders Club (TFC)!

240 Weekly Users

240 people have been back and continue to use Talent Ticker as a recruitment news source.

41 New jobs Pulled Through Talent Ticker

From the hiring manager contacts being provided we have helped to streamline the process for collecting leads and pulling new jobs.

23 New Terms signed though Talent Ticker

As a direct result of TT news, overall there has been 23 new sets of terms signed.

174 New candidates headhunted through Talent Ticker

Our red arrows show companies who are downsizing and therefore new candidate pools


Worth of NEW potential revenues achieved through TT

301 Social Media Followers

1 VERY happy Talent Ticker TEAM!

We hope Talent Ticker continues to surprise and delight our users get in touch for more information. Visit: www.talentticker.ai for more information or to sign up. Email us on [email protected] or contact us here.

AI in Recruitment

Technology is changing how we work and the way in which we work. It has transformed industries – and recruitment will be no different. Recruitment in the future will, just like everything else, have a guaranteed trend towards automation by improving operational efficiencies and enhancing a recruiter’s productivity.

Let’s face it, job boards are no longer the place for ‘hot’ candidates, candidates are expecting to be found using other methods. The savvy headhunter is very well trained to find these passive candidates and can usually battle any excuse to convince them of a new opportunity. It’s an extremely competitive industry and the constant strive to source candidates, find vacancies, and fill positions brings a new level of knowledge and understanding to the job that means the recruitment top dogs are getting better and better. The UK is known to have some of the best recruiters in the world and due to the meritocratic nature of recruitment we all could be a million pound biller next year. Hungry to succeed, recruiters everywhere are smashing targets and KPIs by sourcing candidates quicker, building and maintaining good client relationships, and ensuring low churn rates with placed candidates. Whilst we can’t attribute all improvements as a result of technology, the impact it has had and will continue to present us with is clear.

Much of the admin for recruiters can be automated, we’ve seen technologies help us find candidates quicker, help us get them hired quicker, to help a client arrange interviews, or host interviews, write job ads, post job ads, video, mobile, online, and the list continues. There are many technologies available to give recruitment consultants the competitive edge, for those who don’t remember, LinkedIn wasn’t popular at first, the cost of a license now would have been scoffed at then and it took significant proof that it could benefit all of us for it to take off. LinkedIn now dominates the candidate market, helping all of us at some point research our markets. We might be slow to adopt but technology is here to make our lives easier and do the repetitive tasks for us. This in turn can leave us with more time to focus on building relationships and understanding our customers (both candidates and clients).

YAY-(A)I or NAY-(A)I?

To understand the impact of AI on recruitment we can relate it to any technological change, and concerns over technologies are extremely common- they’ve been around for a while. Same problem, different day. Simply put, we will need to adapt and evolve.

At the 2017 SXSW Interactive Festival, Diane Bryant, then executive VP and GM of Intel’s Data Center Group, said AI is taking off because of three key elements: we can access the data more easily, better connectivity allows faster data transition and Moore’s law means computer power is doubling bi-annually.

Bill Gates, when interviewed, said “AI will bring us immense new productivity” and this is something we should be getting involved with as businesses. Lots of people are scaring us with their radical AI ideas and views of the end of the world;

“The two main concerns that the fear-mongers raise are around AI leading to job losses in the society and AI going rogue and taking control of the human race. I believe that both these concerns raised by critics are moot or solvable.” – Ganesh Padmanabhan, CognitiveScale, Inc

Moot or solvable, AI will help you advance your career and increase your performance. You should, or rather need, to be looking at how AI can benefit YOU. A recent article in the BBC News from The World Economic Forum – https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-45545228 stated:

“The Swiss think tank predicts that robots will displace 75 million jobs globally by 2022 but create 133 million new ones – a “net positive”. The WEF, which runs the famous Davos networking event, said that robots and algorithms would “vastly improve” the productivity of existing jobs and lead to many new ones in the coming years.”

Our reaction to AI shouldn’t be doom and gloom, we should be excited about the new prospects and cool new tech available to us.

AI will lead to enhanced productivity and efficiency in our businesses, there will be more jobs created in the tech field and enhances made within our lifestyles as technology continues to allow for smart homes/ better flexible working arrangements. Why should you be in the office at 8pm, just to keep your spot on the leaderboard?

If you are interested in learning more about how Talent Tickers AI can help your business then get in touch with us today or sign up at beta.talentticker.ai.

New Disruptive tech that is the Bloomberg of the Staffing Industry

An exciting new start-up, Talent Ticker aims to disrupt recruitment and become a world leading technology brand within the global staffing industry. Talent Ticker has one main aim, and that is to make recruiters more productive.

Talent Ticker, launched in September 2018 uses predictive analytics and AI to interpret and analyse data identifying companies who are likely to hire or fire employees. Similar to stocks and shares at the top of Bloomberg, Talent Ticker displays a revolving task bar with a hiring upwards arrow in green and a firing downwards arrow in red for when companies are downsizing.

Knowledge is power and once a ‘Ticker’ is created relevant articles are displayed. With this data recruiters can quickly identify where the opportunities lie and once an article is clicked on a hiring manager’s contact details can be revealed, linking directly to their LinkedIn page.

This can dramatically improve the productivity of a recruiter as it reduces the admin associated with finding a lead, and ensures recruitment consultants are spending time working with companies guaranteed to be hiring or firing. Recruiters on the beta version (available now) are also enjoying talking to clients about the articles, appearing to be interested and knowledgeable within their sector.

This week Talent Ticker have confirmation yet again that their proprietary technology can predict hiring trends. Based on a news article from CNN Money Talent Ticker predicted hiring in key areas nearly 4 weeks before the company released news of its ‘recruiting spree’ via efinancial careers.

The tech behind Talent Ticker is cutting edge and the TT team is a mix of Silicon Valley technologists, recruitment evangelists and even more technology geniuses. Talent Tickers long term aim is to create a self-learning platform available to support the movement of the global human capital market within all industries.

Talent Ticker CEO, Nick Vaughan says:
“Our moto is ‘Recruit quicker, with Talent Ticker’ and we aim to achieve that for all our users. Talent Ticker has been designed to make recruitment consultants more productive, reducing workflow inefficiencies and tacking admin tasks that we all hate. We are very excited to see the industries reaction to it and I know all the hard work of our exceptionally talented team will help to change the face of recruitment as we know it.”