Sun Oct 18 2020

Talent Ticker’s Predictive Hiring in Action

When we’re asked by recruiters about the standout feature of Talent Ticker, we’re always inclined to tell them about the AI technology or time-saving platform features, but in reality, the real winner is the ability to put our users ahead of the competition with every single call.

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We are at a time where there are fewer jobs on the market than usual, so good recruiters need to be tenacious in order to snap up the opportunities that are out there.


Below is a great example of some vacancies on Talent Ticker on Thursday. Some recruiters may be tempted to pitch to Principality right now, but you are going to have to go a long way to stand out.

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As these are some great opportunities, we sought to understand what the driving force could be behind these hires. A quick look-back on Talent Ticker shows we predicted these sorts of hires 4 months ago:

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Our AI and research team were able to understand the nature of the event and provide accurate projected hiring roles.


Any recruiter using Talent Ticker back when Ms. Haines was promoted to CEO would not only have seen this story and been able to understand the roles they will be looking to hire, but they would have been given 6 projected contacts at Principality. Everything they need to pitch 4 months before anyone else.


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article written by [email protected]