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Thu May 12 2022

Story of the Week – Brightseed raises $68 million in venture funding

This Story of the Week takes us to California, USA where we find a biotech firm using AI to recognize connections between plants and people.

Brightseed, a San Francisco-based biotech research firm, have announced the close of their Series B funding round. The round secured $68 million and was led by Temasek, with participation from a range of new and existing investors.

The company have outlined plans to use this funding to develop and improve their natural compound discovery, and to launch their first FDA-GRAS ingredient from a new planned location in Raleigh, North Carolina. Brightseed are already hiring to fill a range of vacancies, and Talent Ticker predicts imminent expansion across the board in line with their growth strategies.

Who are Brightseed?

Founded in 2017, Brightseed were formed by Jim Flatt, Lee Chae and Sofia Elizondo who lead the company as Co-Founders and CEO, CTO, and COO, respectively. Their goal is to “illuminate the biological connections between people and plants at the deepest level... to identify the plant bioactives that advance human health”.

Brightseed, using their AI discovery platform Forager, are creating a digital map to examine how plant-based bioactives react with human biological systems. To date, Forager has outlined over 10,000 potential connections that could help drive a new era of health and treatment.

Bioactives are a type of plant compound, known to be essential for human health due to their varying biological effects. These can include anti-inflammatory antioxidant, and antimutagenic, properties, as well reducing risk factors in cardiovascular issues and helping in the treatment of cancer and other health concerns.

Brightseed consider themselves a team of pioneers. The team’s varied background (including scientists, biologists, natural product chemists, doctors, and technologists) collaborate to ensure the best of their knowledgebase is used to further their work. At Talent Ticker, we think Brightseed are making a real impact in a growing space - this is one any Life Sciences recruiter should be monitoring.

How should recruiters approach Brightseed?

Now is the perfect time to approach Brightseed. This $68 million raise builds on Brightseed’s previous rounds and brings their total raised to $95.2 million. With new funding in their pockets, expansion plans and team growth will be at the forefront of their imminent ambitions. By reaching out to Brightseed now, you can place yourself as a solution to their current hiring requirements, while putting yourself in the best position for supporting their future needs, too.

The company have stated that they will be launching two bioactive compounds later this year as an FDA-GRAS whole-food ingredient intended to support gut health. In line with the launch of their ingredients business, Brightseed will be opening a second location in the Research Triangle Park in Raleigh, North Carolina. Hiring is expected as they support this new venture and continue to develop their capabilities.

Brightseed currently have 24 live vacancies and are likely to be ensuring fresh capital is secured for ongoing team growth and development, too. Brightseed’s current vacancies include strengthening their R&D, Business Development, People, Operations, Scientific, Finance, and Product teams. Talent Ticker recommends you reach out to them now, demonstrate your understanding of their growth plans, and place yourself as their first choice for future scaling opportunities.

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