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Vincere Integration Guide

Vincere Integration Guide

Follow this 10-step process to integrate Vincere into Talent Ticker.

Step 1

Login to your Vincere account, hover over ‘Settings’ on the left-hand toolbar, and click ‘Marketplace’.

Vincere Step 1

Step 2

Step 2: Click on the ‘API’ tab within Marketplace. 

Vincere Step 2

Step 3

Step 3: Check if you have an active Vincere API token.

  • If you do have an active API token, skip to step 5.

  • If you do not have an active API token, follow step 4

Vincere Step 3

Step 4

Firstly, you will need to request your API Key from Vincere via the process below.

Vincere Request API Key

After Vincere grant you access to the API Key, Create a new API token.

Vincere Step 4

Step 5

Return to the Marketplace Tab, click on the ‘Talent Ticker’ widget.

Vincere Step 5

Step 6

Click set-up. Enable Talent Ticker “on” as displayed in the graphic. 

Vincere Step 6

Step 7

Return to TalentTicker.ai. Click on ‘Manage Organisation’ tab.

Vincere Step 7

Step 8

Within Manage Organisation, click on the Integrations tab.

Vincere Step 8

Step 9

Within the Vincere section, insert your subdomain. 

E.g., domain = companyname.vincere.io, subdomain = companyname

Vincere Step 9

Step 10

Save Vincere credentials and complete process by entering your Vincere login information. You will be returned to the Talent Ticker homepage. 

Vincere Step 10

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