What does TT do?
We provide the Financial Services staffing industry with market intelligence and insights to identify staffing trends. See our About Us page for more information.

How do I sign up?
We’re glad you’d like to sign up to Talent Ticker. If you visit our technology platform you can sign up and log in immediately here.

Who uses Talent Ticker?
You can read about our audiences here.We have 3 main user groups globally:
1. Talent, Recruitment and HR
2. Financial Services and Consultants
3. Technology Sales professionals

How does the pricing work?
Talent Ticker is free to use during the BETA trial. This means there is no cost for you to create an account. You can create an account on our BETA site.

What is a BETA trial?
A BETA trial is the second type of testing software. Talent Ticker is a new product so we are offering Talent Ticker entire product range to BETA users for free. This gives you access to every article and use of the whole sites functionality.

Who is eligible for a BETA trial?
Everyone! If you work in the Banking and Finance recruitment sector then Talent Ticker will be relevant to you.

What are the T&C’s of the trial?
You can view our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policies here.

Can/how do I cancel?
Please don’t go! Contact us and let us know why you are thinking of leaving. However, if you would like to leave you can cancel your subscription at any point just log in to Talent Ticker and in settings, you can select ‘deactivate account’. If you are moving jobs there is no need to delete your account, you can change your email in settings too.

I'd like to complain
If you have any comments or complaints then please contact [email protected].

I've got some feedback
We LOVE feedback. Please send all your ideas and thoughts to [email protected].

I’m a business interested in an enterprise solution. Who do I contact?
We’d be delighted to support your business. Please email us for more information.

What does the enterprise package offer that the other packages don’t?
Our enterprise solutions are for companies who may want a large number of licenses to support their business needs. We can help tailor a package to your requirements just contact [email protected].

How do I change my saved searches?
It’s easy to change your saved searches you can do this by logging into Talent Ticker. The third tab across from ‘Create’ will say ‘Saved’. Here you will have full visibility to change or remove any previously saved searches.

I’m having problems logging in. Can you reset my account?
If you are having issues logging in to your Talent Ticker account, you can send yourself a rest password. However, if you are unable to access your previous email account for this then get in touch with us at [email protected].