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More calls, better conversations, lightning quick BD and candidate sourcing

Actionable intelligence for human capital industries

Predictive SaaS technology to accelerate your processes

Wish you didn’t have to spend time on research and sourcing?

Talent Ticker gives you an insight into hiring, firing and provides all the contact data, information and company insight you need to hit your targets..

We provide you with only relevant vacancy creation data, analysis and insight from our AI and research team. No time wasted. All in one place

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Stay weeks ahead of your competition

The Right Person to Call

For every story, we provide a list of projected line managers and contacts; allowing you to contact them instantly

At The Right Time

By setting up saved searches tailored to your industry, you get complete coverage of the news and posted vacancies that are relevant to hiring in your area

For The Right Reason

No longer will your sales calls be speculative, we provide you with key information to build rapport and show your knowledge

Seamlessly Integrated

By integrating with the leading recruitment CRM systems, you are able to vastly increase your productivity and CRM use

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Simple to learn

Proven to increase your revenue

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Improve efficiency

Improve Efficiency

Our email updates allow you to retain complete market knowledge in only minutes per day.

Bill More

Bill More

By winning more work with our BD tools and contacting more candidates, we fuel both ends of your cycle

Expand Your Markets

Expand Your Markets

You are no longer confined to your traditional verticals or locations. Become an expert in any market, anywhere in the world.


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What our customers say

"It is both easy to use and the data is very accurate. Working with this team is both easy and a pleasure."
- Alex
“Talent Ticker ensures that you come across as knowing about the market without having to take time out of your day that you don’t have.”
- Anna
"The platform itself has positively impacted our business by delivering a regular stream of Ai driven, qualified leads."
- Sophie