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Top staffing agencies use Talent Ticker to easily discover high quality leads, fill vacancies faster, and build better relationships with clients and candidates.

The Bloomberg of Staffing

The competition for talent is intensifying and your clients are relying on you to source the best candidates for their vacancies.​​

We built Talent Ticker to help you predict the needs of your customers, streamline candidate placement, and focus more on growing your business.​​

Discover how you can leverage our solution to stay ahead of the market.

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Your staffing superpower

Automate your business development

Reduce the hours wasted chasing cold leads with automated vacancy alerts, market insights, and predictive hiring scores.​

Streamline candidate sourcing & placement

Identify top talent and improve placement rates. Access millions of professional profiles, advanced candidate search, and intent data.

Reduce your data admin time

Increase your productivity and save time on administrative tasks by connecting Talent Ticker to popular CRM and ATS platforms.​

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Predict the future for your clients - become the go-to expert

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Improve efficiency

Improve Efficiency

Our email updates allow you to retain complete market knowledge in only minutes per day.

Bill More

Bill More

By winning more work with our BD tools and contacting more candidates, we fuel both ends of your cycle

Expand Your Markets

Expand Your Markets

You are no longer confined to your traditional verticals or locations. Become an expert in any market, anywhere in the world.


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What our customers say

"It is both easy to use and the data is very accurate. Working with this team is both easy and a pleasure."
- Alex
“Talent Ticker ensures that you come across as knowing about the market without having to take time out of your day that you don’t have.”
- Anna
"The platform itself has positively impacted our business by delivering a regular stream of Ai driven, qualified leads."
- Sophie