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The Talent Ticker Scoring System

77/100 , 43/100…. But what does it mean?

When initially looking into our market fit for Talent Ticker we envisioned our tech to be the ‘Bloomberg of recruitment’, market intelligence for hiring. Similar to stocks and shares rising and falling, our technology analyses the staffing market, looking at how latest news is likely to impact recruitment with a handy score. The Talent Ticker score is a measure of how ‘hot’ an opportunity is within your chosen market.

How does it work?

Following a change within an organisation, Talent Ticker will assess whether this activity will have an impact on the recruitment within said company. For example, how likely the company is to hire new people or fire, downsize/relocate, based on this information. This is calculated by our AI which analyses market moves, placements and recruitment trends, using this to generate a percentage score that tells you how large the opportunity is.

For example, if a company closes a major funding round and expects to hire across a large number of roles, it would generate a high score. Whereas a small or uncertain change, such as a minor promotion within an organisation, may generate a lower score. However, these lower scores are still measures out of 100 and can always result in a hire – and you could be the one to fill it.

Talent Ticker gives you projected & live vacancies that will contain the hiring manager’s name & contact details allowing you can pull exclusive jobs and only deal with clients you know are hiring. We believe through this scoring system you’ll be able to form better, stronger and more collaborative client relationships.

As mentioned earlier Talent Ticker also displays ‘downsizing/firing’ market intelligence that outlines new candidate pools that are not yet on any of the job boards, so that you can connect with those candidates and place them against your live roles.

IN SUMMARY… The scores on Talent Ticker let you know which companies are ‘hot’ in your market and where is best to find leads and candidates. Remember – each article on Talent Ticker is verified by our QA team, so even lower scoring articles have the potential to make you money within your market! Happy Ticking!

8 Talent Ticker Official launch stats

Since our launch just 2 weeks ago the team at Talent Ticker have been extremely busy partnering with some excellent tech savvy businesses and on-boarding many brilliant new members onto the platform.

We’ve had some great feedback along the lines of ‘This is awesome’, ‘I’ve won business already’ and many more positive experiences. We want Talent Ticker to add value to your organisation and be an extremely reliable and reputable source for recruitment market intelligence.

As it’s been 10 working days since the official launch we wanted to share some of the exciting stats from our first 2 weeks of business.

274 NEW Members Signed Up

We welcomed nearly 300 new users during our first 2 weeks. These are our early adopters, who now make up the Ticker Founders Club (TFC)!

240 Weekly Users

240 people have been back and continue to use Talent Ticker as a recruitment news source.

41 New jobs Pulled Through Talent Ticker

From the hiring manager contacts being provided we have helped to streamline the process for collecting leads and pulling new jobs.

23 New Terms signed though Talent Ticker

As a direct result of TT news, overall there has been 23 new sets of terms signed.

174 New candidates headhunted through Talent Ticker

Our red arrows show companies who are downsizing and therefore new candidate pools


Worth of NEW potential revenues achieved through TT

301 Social Media Followers

1 VERY happy Talent Ticker TEAM!

We hope Talent Ticker continues to surprise and delight our users get in touch for more information. Visit: www.talentticker.ai for more information or to sign up. Email us on [email protected] or contact us here.

New Disruptive tech that is the Bloomberg of the Staffing Industry

An exciting new start-up, Talent Ticker aims to disrupt recruitment and become a world leading technology brand within the global staffing industry. Talent Ticker has one main aim, and that is to make recruiters more productive.

Talent Ticker, launched in September 2018 uses predictive analytics and AI to interpret and analyse data identifying companies who are likely to hire or fire employees. Similar to stocks and shares at the top of Bloomberg, Talent Ticker displays a revolving task bar with a hiring upwards arrow in green and a firing downwards arrow in red for when companies are downsizing.

Knowledge is power and once a ‘Ticker’ is created relevant articles are displayed. With this data recruiters can quickly identify where the opportunities lie and once an article is clicked on a hiring manager’s contact details can be revealed, linking directly to their LinkedIn page.

This can dramatically improve the productivity of a recruiter as it reduces the admin associated with finding a lead, and ensures recruitment consultants are spending time working with companies guaranteed to be hiring or firing. Recruiters on the beta version (available now) are also enjoying talking to clients about the articles, appearing to be interested and knowledgeable within their sector.

This week Talent Ticker have confirmation yet again that their proprietary technology can predict hiring trends. Based on a news article from CNN Money Talent Ticker predicted hiring in key areas nearly 4 weeks before the company released news of its ‘recruiting spree’ via efinancial careers.

The tech behind Talent Ticker is cutting edge and the TT team is a mix of Silicon Valley technologists, recruitment evangelists and even more technology geniuses. Talent Tickers long term aim is to create a self-learning platform available to support the movement of the global human capital market within all industries.

Talent Ticker CEO, Nick Vaughan says:
“Our moto is ‘Recruit quicker, with Talent Ticker’ and we aim to achieve that for all our users. Talent Ticker has been designed to make recruitment consultants more productive, reducing workflow inefficiencies and tacking admin tasks that we all hate. We are very excited to see the industries reaction to it and I know all the hard work of our exceptionally talented team will help to change the face of recruitment as we know it.”

New Recruitment Technology: Talent Ticker

What is Talent Ticker?

Talent Ticker is an AI and Predictive Technology company providing market intelligence to make recruitment faster, more efficient and more profitable. We do this by scoring a company based on it’s likelihood of hiring and firing and give you all the necessary information to get in touch with said hiring manager to speed up the process.

Benefits of using TT:

Reduces Admin

Talent Ticker can reduce admin by doing the work for you. When you read an article you will be able to unlock the hiring managers details. This will provide you with their number and a link directly to their LinkedIn page.

Calling hiring managers at the right time everytime

We know they are hiring, this is a warm call as you know the jobs they are searching for, you just need to give them the candidates.

Pulling more jobs per week

Based on the articles from Talent Ticker you will hiring managers details and the types of jobs they are hiring for. This creates a large opportunity for you to win new business.

Bringing on new clients per week

As the expert in your market you are able to call a client and pitch not only for these jobs, but for future roles and look for PSL opportunities.

Highlighting all PSL jobs

Highlights live & upcoming jobs within your PSL accounts before they reach the portal.

Headhunting more candidates

Tells you when companies are ‘firing’ or downsizing which gives you access to new pools of candidates who often aren’t on job boards yet.

Instant market mapping for business development

Talent Ticker does the researching for you, a hiring managers information is displayed next to projected job titles with a link to their LinkedIn page.

Improves a recruiters productivity

The Talent Ticker technology helps remove inefficiencies allowing recruiters to do more with their time.

Saves time

TT saves time on calls that amount to nothing. Make calls to clients you know are hiring.
TT saves time on researching a hiring manager giving you their details immediately.

Increasing billings per recruiter

With improved productivity and more time to spend elsewhere you can focus on the activities that make you money, instead of the admin that bogs you down. Time is money, and this extra time can be focussed on doing 1, 2 or more extra deals.

The Story of Talent Ticker

Who doesn’t want to work faster and smarter?

Many moons ago our founder Nick Vaughan entered recruitment and consistently found himself against a common problem, inefficiencies within a recruiters workflow. Time is wasted researching to find the correct hiring manager, market mapping or finding candidates, and thousands of emails and phone calls amounting to nothing. How could he make recruiters more productive?

After speaking to many recruiters and recruitment business owners it was evident this issue was across the board. Various time saving books later and the same problems still existed. A look into other technologies showed how data can impact recruitment, but not to the extent that was required.

Cue the AI revolution and the technology to harness that requirement. The story takes off – and the hot shot London recruiter delved into the tech world, swapping his Church’s for boat shoes (he’s not a trainers man yet) and suit for a casual jean.

This transformation meant one thing, it was on.

The techies at Talent Ticker were all selected according to specific requirements needed to create Talent Ticker and whilst the team runs extremely smoothly now, it wasn’t always that simple….

Nick our CEO had the vision, he knew what he wanted to create but did not have the skills to create it himself. Nick knew he needed a great team, but unlike other teams he’s hired before, Talent Ticker required technologists, the unicorns of society. Nick was faced his biggest recruitment challenge so far.

The Techies v The Recruiter

With experience in the financial services this London recruiter felt out of his depth when faced with the task of finding world class techies. Trawling LinkedIn, attempting the odd job board and asking around, he eventually landed his first interviews. True to his nature the recruiter began selling the dream using his best recruiting tactics to hook the techies and guide them through the steps of candidate management he knew so well.

If you’ve ever spoke to a real life unicorn (we mean techy) you won’t be surprised that initially they thought Nick was mad, but aren’t the best of us?! Despite questioning the recruiters sanity, they admired the passion and entrepreneurial flair of his sell. They were thrown back by his direct and zealous nature, somewhat bemused and in shock, remarkably they listened as the recruiter pitched the early idea of Talent Ticker.

A London Financial services recruiter found himself in uncharted waters trying to talk ‘tech’. The techies understood he needed help, and began trying to interpret the idea and identify solutions.

Is it possible? Can they work together? Will the sales guy stop talking?

Eventually it began to piece together, one by one the techies fell for the recruiter’s charm and like the best type of placements, both sides were keen to get started right away. Talent Ticker offered the techies scope to create a disruptive technology, with the ability to re-shape an industry. They were on board and in September 2018, Talent Ticker was born.

The recruiter thus began down a journey into deep into the potentials of technology, having massive respect for the techies and vice versa.

Suffice to say the combination of the two worlds has enabled better collaboration, better idea generation within the team which has ultimately lead to a more rounded product (as we’re sure you’ll find out).

The Talent Ticker story is just beginning and we are already so proud of where we are. We are a start-up and life is pretty exciting.

Want to become part of our ongoing story?

You can learn more about our incredible team on our About Us and Join Us pages.

If you have any questions, fancy a chat or simply want to tell us how you are finding the Talent Ticker product then please contact us on LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter.