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Talent Ticker are an AI and predictive technology company providing real-time analytics and market intelligence, helping you to find talent and jobs the smart way.

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The Story

Many moons ago our founder Nick Vaughan entered recruitment and consistently found himself against a common problem: inefficiencies within a recruiters workflow. He wanted to make recruiters more productive.

After speaking to many recruiters and recruitment business owners it was evident this issue was across the board. Various time saving books later and the same problems still existed. A look into other technologies showed how data can impact recruitment, but not to the extent that was required.

Cue the AI revolution and the technology to harness that requirement. The story takes off – and the hot shot London recruiter delved into the tech world, swapping his Church’s for boat shoes (he’s not a trainers man yet) and suit for a casual jean.

The Techies vs. The Recruiter

With experience in the financial services this London recruiter felt out of his depth when faced with the task of finding world class techies. Trawling LinkedIn and asking around, he eventually had his first interviews. True to his nature the recruiter began selling the dream using his best recruiting tactics to hook the techies and guide them through the steps of candidate management he knew so well.

Despite questioning the recruiters sanity, they admired the passion and entrepreneurial flair of his sell. They were thrown back by his direct and zealous nature, somewhat bemused and in shock, remarkably they listened as the recruiter pitched the early idea of Talent Ticker.

A London Financial services recruiter found himself in unchartered waters trying to talk ‘tech’. The techies understood he needed help, and began trying to interpret the idea and identify solutions.

Is it possible? Can they work together? Will the sales guy stop talking?

Eventually it began to piece together, one by one the techies fell for the recruiter’s charm and like the best type of placements, both sides were keen to get started right away. Talent Ticker offered the techies scope to create a disruptive technology, with the ability to re-shape an industry.

They were on board and in September 2018, Talent Ticker was born.

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Talent Ticker People

Our People

Nick Vaughan

Nick Vaughan


Aled Jones

Aled Jones

Head of Engineering

Matt Fitzgerald

Matt Fitzgerald

Head of Product

Niomi Cowling

Niomi Cowling

Head of Marketing

We’re proud of our people. The team we have believes in learning, sharing and creating incredible experiences.

Our small but mighty talented workforce pack quite the punch with experience ranging from Silicon Valley tech companies, to London Recruitment companies.

Our tech team come from media, sporting, gaming, entertainment and other specialisms hailing from Universities such as Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews & Cardiff University. This varied work force allows us to combine thoughts and ideas and provide a more rounded solution, improving the overall product.

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