3 BIG things recruiters should be thankful for this Thanksgiving!
21 Nov 2018

3 BIG things recruiters should be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

21 Nov 2018

Traditionally an American holiday, this thanksgiving, we wanted to give a nod to our American friends and wish them the very best over the thanksgiving weekend. We also wanted to bring the idea of thanksgiving to the UK as there are some things that are worthwhile to be thankful for as a recruiter…

1. Working with a variety of people

I know we all complain about the people around us, our clients, candidates and even our families and friends, but in recruitment you are extremely lucky to work with people from all walks of life. Within the space of an hour you can speak with such a variety of people and this means that not only can you learn vast amounts of information from them, but you also begin to understand more about different cultures, different motivations, and drivers behind why someone will want to move jobs. People move jobs for a variety of reasons, money usually comes into it but often there will be an interesting story behind the decision. Speaking to many different people can break up the day and you can start to for great partnerships, and sometimes even friendships, with candidates and clients. This adds variety to the job, and after all variety is the spice of life!

It’s also worthwhile mentioning your colleagues. Are they a fun bunch? Often in a recruitment office you’ll be working in a fun sales environment alongside a friendly and sociable team of people who will always be up for a laugh.

2. Technology

Be thankful for technology this Thanksgiving. Technology is becoming more important than ever in recruitment as Recruitment Software and RecTech becoming popular among many recruitment companies looking to gain a competitive advantage. The benefits of technology are the same in any industry, technology will reduce recruitment inefficiencies enabling recruiters to work smarter and make more placements. Talent Ticker can save recruiters time, and help recruiters make better decisions, reducing the time it takes to make a placement, plus, you’ll be increasing the quality of a phone call as you’re better informed on what’s going on in your market. Sign up today, it’s FREE! beta.talentticker.ai

3. Trust in recruitment is high

Yes, if you haven’t heard it before the general public (non-recruiters) trust recruiters. According to a recent feefo report – 92% of respondents who had used a recruitment agency or were willing to, said they trusted the agencies. In the UK recruitment is a very sophisticated market, it’s mature and a career in recruitment is extremely common. Some of the top recruiters in the world have come from London so it’s no surprise that trust is higher than ever and this is a very exciting prospect as it proves recruitment is becoming better and he overall standards are increasing. We forget the life changing move recruiters help people make, supporting clients/candidates through the process and landing someone that dream job.

Thumbs up recruiters, here’s to you this thanksgiving!

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