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Predictive Recruitment Technology

An intelligent platform for Recruiters, Business leaders & HR within the Banking & Financial Services industry. We reduce recruitment inefficiencies, save time and help you to make more placements.

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John Newton

“Talent Ticker’s already provided immediate ROI with new clients brought on and placements made that we would not have done without using this platform”

John Newton, MD, JCW Search

Nick Harrington

“This is the best tool for recruiters since LinkedIn”

Nick Harrington, CEO, Eximius

Harry Sliufko

“Simply the best tool I’ve ever used. It doubles our jobs pulled each week, provides new candidate pools and means we make more placements”

Harry Sliufko, MD, Hamlyn Williams

How it Works

How it Works

Talent Ticker is an AI and Predictive Technology company providing market intelligence to make recruitment faster, more efficient and more profitable.

Talent Ticker gives you projected & live vacancies with the hiring manager’s name & contact details so you can pull exclusive jobs every day.  Our AI and predictive technology provides real-time analytics and market intelligence, helping you to find talent and jobs quicker.
Talent Ticker also displays ‘downsizing/firing’​ market intelligence outlining new candidate pools for you to connect with. Our intelligent platform helps you make informed decisions on hiring & firing giving you the competitive edge in a saturated market place.

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  • Real time analytics providing relevant hiring/firing articles
  • AI algorithm highlighting news of most interest
  • Notifications of breaking news in specific fields of interest
  • 25 unlocks every month to premium insights and stakeholder contact information
  • 25 unlocks every month to premium candidate matching



  • Predictive analytics providing future hiring/firing trends
  • Advanced filtering for highly targeted searches
  • Ability to save frequently used searches and articles of interest
  • Unlimited company followings
  • Contact details for hiring managers & HR contacts
  • Contact details for new candidate pools 



  • Bulk discount for registered users
  • 3rd party CRM integrations
  • Client account management predictive analytics
  • Auto selection of candidates along with AI chat bot messaging & pre-qualifying best candidates from CRM to associated TT hiring opportunity
  • Automated CV formatting, CV sends and headhunting messaging app

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